Reception desk reinvented

Well.come provides a new interactive reception for organizations wishing to offer a new experience to their visitors.

What is needed

Well.come is an easy to setup experience. Simply activate an account on an appropriate hardware.

The software

The software is a web solution which allows managing lists of employees and options to contact them. User-friendly and easy to setup, the solution is agile and compatible with a wide range of devices.

The hardware

The hardware comprises a touch screen and a mount. The touch screen size can vary from tablet to wide screen. Wide display are recommanded to improve visibility, navigation and therefore strengthen visitors experience. Well.come team offer tailor made desks with optimised screen size and definition but other devices can be used.


It is all about experience!

Software features

Well.come offers a wide range of features to enhance visitors experience and comply with security and corporate identity requirements.


Select the type of notification to use. Call, SMS, email or Slack are the available notifications.

Multiple languages

Offer single or multiple languages interfaces to maximise visitor experience.

Process customization

Define and manage the steps of the process to fit with company and compliance requirements.

Automatic updates

Avoid installation and updates. Evolutions are automatically available after each new release.

Multiple companies

Manage more than one company to be displayed on the same desk. Each company can have independent process.

Appearance customization

Change colors, images and texts to customize user interfaces and comply with corporate identity requirements.

Voice communication

Activate voice option to allow direct bidirectional communication between the visitor and the contact.

Admin module

Manage company and contacts information and activate desired notification type for each contact.


Business package offers essential features to welcome visitors. Entreprise package offers additional features and services to enhance experience.

Easy to setup. No software to install.


Well.come offers tailor made desks and compatibility with main market devices.

Well.come desks

Well.come desks provide an ideally inclined surface to optimise visibility and foster interaction with incoming visitors. Design, size and materials can be modify to fit with corporate environment spaces.

Other devices

Main market products integrating touch screens can be used. Well.come however recommends a selection of products.

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