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Get your visitors to be welcomed. Anytime. Any case.

We offer an interactive kiosk allowing
visitors to announce their arrival


Offer support to your current reception

Well-come is an easy to setup solution to ensure the reception of visitors during absences of receptionists.


Offer a new experience to your visitors

Well-come is a new solution offering an innovative experience to visitors to fit various needs from security spaces to coworking offices.

Use cases

Here is a selection of examples where Well-come helps visitor management.

Existing reception: law firm

Law firm with extra opening hours

Well-come has been installed to support the receptionist during unusual openings.


Unusual opening hours

NEw space: Coworking space

Coworking space without reception

Well-come has been installed in the corridor leading to the stairs of a coworking space.


Limited space to install a real reception

New space: self-reception

SME company

Well-come has been installed to offer a self-reception solution to visitors.


Limited budget

Visitor management as a service


New visitor experience

Well-come provides a new interactive reception for organizations wishing to offer a new experience to their visitors.


Easy to setup and Manage

Well-come is a web based solution compatible with major market touchscreens and easy to manage through an administration panel.


No infrastructure needed

Well-come is a completely independant from your IT and telecom infrastructure. An internet connection is all we need.


Well-come offers a wide range of features to enhance visitors experience and comply with security and corporate identity requirements.



Select the type of notification to use. Call, SMS, email or Slack are the available notifications.


Multiple languages

Offer single or multiple languages for visitors through the user interface and for contact notifications.


Process customization

Define and manage the steps of the process to fit with company and compliance requirements.

Automatic updates

Avoid installation and updates. Software evolutions are automatically available after each new release.

Multiple companies

Manage more than one company on the same desk. Each company can have independent process.


Appearance customization

Change colors, images and texts to customize user interfaces and comply with corporate identity requirement.

Voice communication

Activate voice option to allow direct bidirectional communication between the visitor and the contact.


Self-admin module

Manage company and contacts information and activate desired notification options for each contact.


Well-come is compatible with main market touchscreen devices but we recommend a selection of proven hardware to maximise the experience. Depending on the type of use and the location, some devices are more relevant than others.


Perfect to meet limited space requirements. The touchscreens can be set on floor or wall mount.


The in-between solution (we are definitely a swiss company).


The solution to maximise the “wow effect”: giant touchscreens from the market or custom made.


Well-come is billed annually based on a monthly price. Additional fees apply for monthly billing.

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